Start creating packages to share your code

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So, you are a programmer. But, do you know what it is to develop software packages? If you answered no, you should go ahead and watch the next talk. You have everything you need to start developing software, and here I show you how. 🤯🎯

Jun 8, 2021 8:00 AM — 9:00 AM
Online meetup

Why is there this talk? 🤔

🐾 The last activity to carry out in my undergraduate program is to spend a year staying in a laboratory that we like doing research. As you can imagine, I love programming and learning new things all the time. That is why I decided to stay with Dr. Julio-Saez’s group after he gave a virtual talk to my undergraduate group. I could say that this talk represents the closing of my stay. However, who knows, maybe, and it could be the beginning of more collaborations at some point. Time will tell. For now, enjoy the slides and the talk! 😋✨

Jesús Vélez Santiago
Jesús Vélez Santiago
Genomic Scientist | Data Scientist

Curious and passionate. Open to new challenges. Lover of programming and software development. Let’s be problem solvers.