Jesús Vélez Santiago

Jesús Vélez Santiago

Genomic Scientist | Data Scientist

Peña-Miller Lab

Saez-Rodriguez Group


I am a Genomic Scientist. I love analyzing and visualizing data to improve our understanding of what is around us. Besides, I am fascinated by software development, and I hope to contribute valuable packages to the scientific community one day. I am known for being a passionate, curious person and be always open to new challenges. Do you have any challenges? Good! Let’s do it. Let’s be problem solvers. 👨‍💻 🧐 🦉 ✨

  • Data analysis
  • Data visualization
  • Machine learning
  • Mentoring
  • Software development
  • BSc in Genomic Sciences, 2021

    Center for Genome Sciences




An R package to decouple gene sets and statistics of functional genomics tools.


Machine learning, statistical and mathematical modeling, data analysis, data visualization
R, Python, Julia, SQL, Shell, Markdown, Git, Github, Conda
Writing and speaking for technical and general audiences



R Software Developer
Aug 2020 – Present Heidelberg, Germany

Responsibilities include:

  • Analyzing
  • Modeling
  • Deploying
Undergraduate Thesis Student
Jan 2018 – Present Cuernavaca, Mexico

Responsibilities include:

  • Analyzing
  • Modeling
  • Writing

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